Our qualified team of mechanics are experienced and able to provide you with quality products and workmanship for all of your automotive needs. We only use quality parts, lubricants and oils to ensure maximum performance from your vehicle. All of our work is guaranteed and will not void your new car warranty.

Penrith City Tyres and Automotive will always provide you with an upfront quote and will never perform work on your car without your approval. With a variety of flexible payment options including EFTPOS facilities, interest free options and Oxi-pay, we are able to provide service plans to suit your budget.

We can source most major automotive products including specialist tyres and suspension kits. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will contact our trusted network of suppliers to provide you with a reasonable price.

Penrith City Tyres and Automotive is an RMS Authorised Inspection Station – leaving you confident that your registration pink slips are completed to a high standard and to RMS requirements.

Log book services are based on your vehicles manufacturers specifications and have specific time frames and requirements. Failure to meet these timeframes or standards may result in you voiding your new car warranty.
All new vehicles serviced by Penrith City Tyres and Automotive will retain their new car warranty. Our mechanics are trained to monitor any signs of abnormal wear and tear and will replace parts required by your manufacturer’s vehicle log book requirements. We will only replace parts that require replacing, so you can be assured you won’t be paying for unnecessary repairs. You can be assured that the team at Penrith City Tyres and Automotive will never perform work on your car without your approval. We also retain service records on our database to assist you with record keeping and retaining resale values.

We are committed to encouraging safe drivers on our roads. Brakes should be inspected every service, however if your brakes are squealing, squeaking or grinding in any way then book your car in for a free brake inspection. Our qualified technicians will inspect and repair your brakes where needed so you know you can stop with confidence.

If you notice any of the following, it’s time to get your brakes checked:

  • a squealing or grinding noise when braking.
  • any vibration in your steering wheel when braking
  • the brake pedal feels harder or softer than usual,
  • the brakes don’t respond immediately or feel sluggish
  • the brakes and/or ABS signals are lit on your dashboard

Your safety is our priority. Tyres form a huge part of a car’s ability to handle safely and respond to poor conditions on the road. Our professional team can assess your tyres for wear and tear which would impact on your tyres ability to perform safely and recommend repair or replacement.
Whether you’re after a standard road tyre, or looking for a specialist performance tyre, we are able to source most brands from across Australia. We have a reliable network of suppliers who can access affordable tyres to meet your needs. Because we are not tied down to one supplier you can be assured that our team will recommend the best tyre for your cars performance needs.

Your cars suspension ensures your wheels stay connected to the road which in turn provides better grip and braking, and absorbing shock over rough surfaces. The suspension and steering systems in your car play a large role in your safety. Using advanced internal diagnostic software, Penrith City Tyres and Automotive are able to assess and identify any issues with your steering and suspension systems and repair or replace any damaged components.

From tyre puncture repairs to replacing a dead battery, our team of mechanics are qualified and willing to provide any service required to ensure your car is safe and reliable. We will always provide you with a quote prior to commencing work and will contact you should any issues arise before continuing with further work. Our team are committed to going over and above to leave you satisfied and ensuring your safety on our roads.

We are fully equipped to supply and install aftermarket upgrades to your car. If you know exactly what you’re looking for, come down and we will source parts and provide you a quote to improve your vehicles performance or look. We can also provide you with examples of our previous work and provide ideas or inspiration to upgrade or enhance your car.

Penrith City Tyres and Automotive are able to provide a huge range of aftermarket modifications including engine and performance upgrades, lowering kits and coil overs, wheel and tyre packages, lift kits and suspension upgrades, 4×4 flares and Accessories, Bull-bars and tow bars.

We can source the parts and are qualified and experienced to install them professionally for you. If you’re looking for something in particular, get in touch and we will organise a quote for you.

Payment options

At Penrith City Tyres and Automotive, we understand that car repairs can be costly, and often unexpected. We have recently partnered with Oxi-Pay and Skye Interest Free to provide an interest-free method of payment, ensuring you can safely get back on the road immediately without worrying about an upfront bill. See and for an explanation of how the process works and for their terms and conditions.